What’s Carlos Rosado been up to?

Anyone who crosses paths with him on the streets of Copacabana or in countries like Chile or Argentina (where the photo above was taken) would never imagine the tall fellow with the youthful looks is already over 60 years old.

Able bodied, with a piercing gaze and agile mind, Carlos Antônio Rosado is living proof of the health benefits Jiu-Jitsu provides its practitioners. One of the most dreaded competitors on the scene back in the 1970s, the notorious Carlson Gracie student made of Jiu-Jitsu and physical exercise his chief allies in combating diabetes, a disease he has lived with for the last 30 years without distress and without keeping him from donning his gi and training practically every day of the year.

At his academy, just a few meters from Copacabana Beach, the teacher pays special attention to the children’s classes, with his own grandson counting among his tiny pupils. However, he does have an assiduous group of adults and veterans partaking in the greatest pleasure Jiu-Jitsu avails: well-being.

A deft dancer and the superintendent of the building where he lives, Master Rosado now and again takes trips to teach seminars outside his stomping grounds. On one of them, he took on this mother lioness in Buenos Aires, without fearing the encounter for an instant. When he takes to travel, the academy is left in the hands of his son, Carlos “Massa” Rosado, a black belt of the most technical sort, and like his father, he’s well versed in the facets of Jiu-Jitsu involving self-defense.

Today happens to be the great teacher’s birthday. For his over 50 years sporting the gi, takes the opportunity to wish him copious amounts of health and an abundance of Jiu-Jitsu.

Master Rosado recently launched his website on the internet. Click here to find out more.

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