[Watch] MMA Fighter Bites Opponent’s Ear To Set Up The RNC

Imagine that you’re in an MMA match, your back is taken, and you’re already having a tough time dealing with your opponent…
When he bites your ear.

Yes. Bites your ear. Which is exactly what happened to Erkin Darmenov, at a recent Octagon 44 event in Almaty, Kazahstan.

Darmenov fought Thiago Oliveira in a welterweight match, when the Brazilian national outgrappled him and took his back.
He had both of his hooks in and tried to get the Rear Naked Choke. But Darmenov defended vicariously.

Then, all of the sudden, Darmenov reacted in a strange way and Oliveira was able to slide his arm underneath his chin, getting the submission and the win.

And, well, the replay and the slow motion footage revealed the reason behind Darmenov’s actions.
Oliveira bit his ear!

Watch it all take place on the video below (start at the 04:15:31 mark):

Of course, biting is illegal (it was even banned in the very first UFC, UFC 1, in 1993).

So, even though Oliveira celebrated after winning the fight, it was a short-lived one.
The referee watched the replay and determined that the Brazilian national did, in fact, bite his opponent. Therefore, Oliveira was disqualified and Darmenov was declared the winner.

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