[WATCH] Jewish MMA Fighter Beats Up White Supremacist During Sparring Session

Natan Levy is a Jewish MMA fighter, currently competing in the UFC lightweight division.
And, yes… He recently sparred an internet troll and white supremacist supporter – with the fight ending as you might’ve guessed!

Levy shared what happened prior to the sparring session:

A few days ago, some wimp on Twitter posted a picture of his slim tricep and said: “This is what every white nationalist should look like. This is what everybody who follows Nick Fuentes should look like.”

Nick Fuentes is an American far-right white supremacist and a Holocaust denier.

Levy continued to elaborate further:

Somebody tagged me and I commented that he’s built like a chopstick.
Definitely not a threat.

Some guy jumped in the thread named Ben and he said he’s willing to come meet me to defend Nick Fuentes’ honor and come spar with me.

I’m like: “Yeah, whatever. Come. Bring the wimp from the picture too and D*ckless Fuentes. We can all meet and I’ll Venmo you some cash for the gas.”

And, well, Ben accepted the challenge. He arrived to the gym…
And quickly changed his demeanor. He turned from the trash-talking white supremacist to a polite man.

But that didn’t save him from the beatings.
Watch the video below (from around the 04:30 mark):

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