Wallid bets on Renzo: “technique only improves with age”

“Renzo’s going to kick butt, Wallid Ismail told editor Luca Atalla, referring to the fight between the Gracie and Matt Hughes, scheduled for UFC 112 in April.

The scene took place during the weigh-ins for UFC 109 in Las Vegas. Renzo’s archrival in the 1990s, the Amazonas native was inspired: “He’ll kick butt, this return of Renzo’s was a masterstroke of timing. And you can publish that in the magazine (GRACIEMAG): My money’s on him! ”

He added: “Yes, because I bet on his technique. And in Jiu-Jitsu, technique only improves with age. And Renzo is pure technique, has always been. ”

Present at the MGM Grand Arena to watch fighter Paulo Thiago (photo), who submitted Mike Swick, Wallid Ismail was in good shape.

“I’m training,” he explained. “But only with friends, that recreation type training. Because I’ve always been only about power. Now old age is weighing on me a bit,” the Jungle Fight promoter quipped.

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