Video: Learn the sweep Gordon Ryan used on Buchecha at ADCC 2019

Gordon beat Buchecha for the absolute title. Jair Lacerda/Sinistro Photo Film

Few black-belts saw the 2019 ADCC Worlds from as close as Sinistro Lacerda, Graciemag’s correspondent in California.

Nothing more natural, then, than the photographer and BJJ teacher showing our readers some moves that caught his attention matside at the biggest grappling show on Earth.

Among such moves is the sweep with which Gordon Ryan surprised Marcus Buchecha in the absolute final. Learn how to do it yourself right here.

Translated video transcript:

“I’ll show a hook sweep wrapping my opponent’s arm when he resists the sweep. And this is the same sweep Gordon Ryan used at the ADCC against Buchecha.

“Traditional hook guard position. I’ll make the underhook, bring the guy to me, I’ll pass my hand to the side of the shoulder. Gordon Ryan usually just [0:51] hugs the hand, crossing here, and starts kicking the guy here toward the side of the arm. If you want, you can do it hand to hand, or you can just hug, start putting your elbow on the ground, and kick to the side.

“I’m here; the position has started, [?], I make the underhook, bring [1:16] my hand here. There’s another detail you can do here. When you start putting your elbow on the ground, you open the other one to twist your partner’s head, and then you’ve landed on the mount.”

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