Video: How the Queen of Mats heavyweight tourney played out

Ane Nunes/AJP

The JJW+ Docs series is back. This time, we take you to the beautiful capital of the United Arab Emirates. On January 17, 2020, the Abu Dhabi Queen of Mats touched down on the hallowed grounds of the Mubadala Arena for the first ever heavyweight bracket of its history. Six of the best competitors under 95kg lined up in Abu Dhabi to wage war for the right to be called the heavyweight Abu Dhabi Queen of Mats.

Gabrieli Pessanha, Nathiely de Jesus, Thamara Silva, Kendall Reusing, Samantha Cook and Martina Gramenius gave the crowd all they were expecting in terms of technique and love for the game. In this exclusive JJW+ Docs, you will be able to relive all the thrills on each match all the way to the big final. The ADQOM series will be back in the coming events within the AJP Tour. Stay tuned!

[Source: PR.]
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