Vagner Rocha Discusses Steroid Use: “I Have No Shame In This”

Back in March 2023, the IBJJF announced that five black belt competitors are to face doping sanctions – after four of them tested positive for PEDs use in the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi World Championships aftermath.

The only athlete out of the five, who suffered sanctions without being tested positive, has been Vagner Rocha.
He refused to undergo testing, both at the event and afterwards, which led to sanctions in the same way it would if he had been tested positive.

Rocha discussed his decision in the recent Mayn Idea Podcast episode, emphasizing that he feels no shame in taking steroids:

Yes, I am taking steroids. I am 40 years old. I’m about to be 41. I am on TRT for the last five years of my life.
I actually posted about it a couple of months ago, like 3 months ago.

I have no shame in this.


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Furthermore, Rocha pointed out that if IBJJF wants to change the sport, that they should be testing everybody – not just the winners of tournaments.

Though, that doesn’t make sense to him either, given it’s still an “amateur sport”:

For you to test me for a sport that is amateur to me, it’s an amateur sport, right?

I’m paying to compete. I pay to show up. I pay for my hotel. I pay for my training.
There’s no part of it that I’m making any money out of this.

How about we test everybody, and then we’ll see what’s left from there, and that will change the sport.
If you’re looking to change the sport, why test one person?

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