US Open: Sign up and make history

How many tournaments are there that can boast having been the stage for champions of the caliber of BJ Penn, Jean Jacques Machado, Jake Shields, Rominho Barral, Rodrigo Medeiros, Nick Diaz, Jeff Glover, Rafael Lovato, Jonathan Torres, Augusto Tanquinho, Eduardo Telles, Kron Gracie, Mike Fowler and Bill Cooper? Few and far between.

With fifteen years of History with a capital H, the US Open grew along with Jiu-Jitsu in California, and to shine there is always a sign of a promising career.

That’s why no one wants to miss out on the party in Santa Cruz this coming October 15 to 17. Yesterday, among hundreds of athletes, two more black belts entered the running for gold at Claudio França’s tournament: Renan Silva (Ralph Gracie San Francisco) and James Foster (Lotus Club).

Waste no time, secure your place now, with a discount! Sign-ups end Monday.

Check the timetable for the 15th US Open.

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