UFC Vet Critical of Zuckerberg & Elon Musk Fight: ‘The Community Should be Smarter than that’

UFC fighter Matt Brown has expressed skepticism regarding the recent buzz surrounding a potential fight between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. In an episode of the podcast “The Fighter vs The Writer,” Brown raised doubts about whether the two billionaires would actually engage in a physical confrontation, suggesting that they might be using the hype surrounding the fight as a distraction or diversionary tactic.

Brown criticized the attention being given to the potential bout, pointing out that it has overshadowed other aspects of Zuckerberg and Musk’s lives and actions. While acknowledging that he is not fully aware of their respective histories, Brown emphasized the existence of detractors and questioned why the focus has shifted solely to their supposed fight.

Expressing his frustration, Brown stated, “They ain’t gonna fight, f***k, these motherf*****s ain’t gonna fight. Everyone talks sh*t. We are talking about them now. On Twitter, it’s all about them. Everyone is forgetting about all the sh*t they’ve done in their lives. I don’t even know what they did, but I know they have a lot of haters. Like: ‘Why don’t you stop complaining that I bought Twitter because I’m going to fight in a cage?’ And everybody’s like, ‘Okay, no problem bro. That’s how these motherf***rs operate. It’s a public relations scandal. I ask the community to be smarter than that. Can we see through it all?”

Matt Brown, who currently holds the UFC record for knockouts with a total of 13, shares the record with heavyweight Derrick Lewis. At 42 years old, Brown has a professional MMA record of 24 wins and 19 losses. He most recently secured a victory by knockout in the first round against Court McGee in May.

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