Tye Ruotolo Talks Matches Against His Brother: “Technically I’m 3-0 Against Kade”

The Ruotolo brothers are among the most elite BJJ competitors in the world…
But which one of them is better?

Tye and Kade have been training together since early age and, so, have had thousands of training sessions with each other.
And they’ve sparred so many times that it’s probably unheard of in the Jiu-Jitsu community.

But what about when it comes to actual competition?
Tye decided to share his opinion in an interview with ONE Championship:

It’s funny, the first time we fought, I ended up winning barely by decision that I shouldn’t have.
I really thought he should’ve won, but the ref’s decision gave it to me.

And then the second time that we fought, I got him in a submission.
It was just pure luck.

And then the third time we fought, he was smashing me, and I got him in a submission again.

Tye says that both of them would like an another match for sure…
Even though their mom isn’t really for it:

Technically I’m 3-0 against [Kade]. They were all wars, you know.
I know he wants one back for sure. So we’re open to the match.

I know my mom’s not super stoked on the idea, but other than that, I think it would be a good show for everyone.
And yeah, it would be crazy.


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