Themba Gorimbo Had Just $7 Remaining: “Colby Covington Would Bring Food To Me At The Gym”

Themba Gorimbo was left with just $7 to his name, after he travelled all the way from Zimbabwe to Miami (USA), in order to be at the MMA Masters training camp – for the sake of his second UFC fight preparation.

He ended up beating Takashi Sato via unanimous decision…
And it was a much-needed win, because he has lost in his UFC debut three months prior, against A.J. Fletcher.

For, as he shared at the post-fight press conference, Gorimbo saw many of his friends and family members cut ties with him after that loss:

Everyone just kind of moved away. Straight after my loss, when I got home. Everybody [looked at me] like a guy that was smelling like sh*t.

You know, people kind of ignored me. People that I helped kind of ignored me.
A lot of people, even people that were close to me, some of them are called my friends… Even my own brother, man.

I love my brother because my brother is my blood at the end of the day.
But the truth must be told; it hurts me so much that I do so much for people.

And, somewhat unexpectedly, Gorimbo was helped by Colby Covington during his UFC Vegas 73 training camp:

Colby Covington, he is such a great guy, man. Colby Covington sometimes would bring food for me at the gym.

People say what they say and want to avoid him, but that guy’s a great man.
You have to know him to kind of know him. Just like me.

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