The desert will be even hotter with DFC

Francimar Bodão is one of the attractions of DFC. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

The second installment of Desert Force – an MMA event rocking the Middle East put together by black belt and DFC president Zaid Mirza – is planned for the month of March in Jordan, although the exact date has yet to be confirmed.

In all, four installments of Desert Force are on tap for 2011, the first three being held in qualifier format, basically entirely comprised of Middle Eastern athletes. Each of the events will, however, feature a super fight with big names from world MMA.

The Desert Force 2 super fight will feature a light heavyweight title dispute, with team Nova União’s Francimar “Bodão” facing off against Cage Rage veteran Antony Rea.

Further good news is that the events will be broadcast live across over forty countries by Roya TV channel.

Check back with for further news.

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