Thales’s team beats Ximu’s

Thales aware of the triangle of Henrique Mello, who drew the score for his team. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

With excitement from start to finish at Fatality Arena this Sunday, the event along the lines of the now-defunct IFL organization pit the teams of Thales Leites (Snake’s Team) and. Gustavo Ximu (Eagles’s Team) against each other. With standout performances from Henrique Mello and Carlos “Indio”, the Snake’s rallied back to score 3 to 2 in the best of five fights and secure victory for Thales Leites.

In the first confrontation between the teams, Fabiano “Soldado” (Snake’s Team) put his team ahead after mounting Janailson Kelvin (Eagle’s Team) and prompting his opponent to desist. After landing on the bottom, Eduardo Simões  (Eagles’s Team) quickly put away Walber “Teté (Snake’s Team) with a heel hook. Then, Alexandre Pinheiro (Eagle’s Team) finished off Mauricio Rossi (Snake’s Team) with a kimura in the opening, making it 2 to 1 for Gustavo Ximu’s team.

From there on Thales Leites’s team set about rallying back. A city employee, without much time to train, Henrique Mello (Snake’s Team) had to use his own wife and daughters in his preparations for battle.”I would even shoot for takedowns on them,” he says. Against Aloisio “Dado”, Mello didn’t have it easy, and suffered in the ground and pound. But in the second round, his Jiu-Jitsu shone through and he ended the confrontation with an armbar from the triangle. Besides being the eighth-straight victory for the fighter, the result tied the team dispute at two to two.

Referee Kabelinho rushes to separate Indio, who knocked out Baixinho. Photo: Carlos Ozório

The turning point came with Carlos “Indio” (Snake’s Team champion of the Shooto South America under 84 kg division. Against one-time UFC fighter Alexandre “Baixinho” (Eagles’s Team), Indio ended it quickly with a high-kick knockout to the delight of Thales Leites.

Paulão tells Mauricio to defend, but it didn’t work. Alexandre finished with a kimura. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Check out the complete results from the event, which featured another two MMA superfights and three muay thai bouts:

Fatality Arena
Sunday, January 24, 2010
Niterói, Rio de Janeiro

Snake’s Team Challenge 3 x 2 Eagle’s Team

Fabiano Soldado (Snake’s Team) beat Janailson Kelvin (Eagle’s Team) by desistance in R3
Eduardo Simões (Eagles’s Team) submitted Walber Teté (Snake’s Team) via heelhook in R1
Alexandre Pinheiro (Eagle’s Team) submitted Mauricio Rossi (Snake’s Team) via kimura in R1
Henrique Mello (Snake’s Team) submitted Aloisio “Dado” (Eagle’s Team) via armbar from the triangle in R2
Carlos Indio (Snake’s Team) knocked out Alexander “Baixinho” (Eagle’s Team) in R1

MMA Fights

Gegê (Oriente Jiu-Jitsu) defeated Junior Abedi (Relma) via unanimous decision
Aline Sérgio (Diogo Tavares) defeated Jennifer (Relma) via desistance in R1


Tony Carlos (Hegas Zulu) defeated Ricardo Dias (Diogo Tavares) via doctor’s intervention in R2
Mauro Pedra (Diogo Tavares) defeated Emerson Falcão (Hegas Zulu) via unanimous judges’ decision
Felipe “Boneco Assassino” (Diogo Tavares) knocked out Felipe Head (Hegas Zulu) in R1

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