Tanquinho ready to get back to training

Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes (Soul Fighters) had plenty of work in the realm of fighting at the European Championship late January. But just as a referee, he is still convalescing from an arm injury suffered in 2009.

“The arm is coming along great, but I’m still not practicing. My physiotherapist Octavio Amazon has done an excellent job and I nearly have the full range of motion back. My impression is that I should be back in training soon, well ahead of schedule. I’ll be in Brazil on the 10th and will go to the doctor for a new assessment. If he releases me, I’ll slowly get back into training; at least I think it will. But I’ll wait for his orders,” he said to via email.

“To compete, I think I’ll wait to get back to the pace in training and physical preparation that I was in, after all I’ve gone four months only exercising my lower limbs, with no real training in the gi. I’ll wait to fight only when I’m 100% and I’ll stick to my Master Alvaro Mansur for him to correct me and iron out the details of my game, so when I get back I’ll be able to put up a front against all the tough guys in the lightweight division,” added Tanquinho.

Augustus worked as a referee at the European Championship in Lisbon and followed up with a trip to Malaga, Spain.

“Yesterday I conducted a seminar, and it was a success! Just one week after announcing it, we gathered 20 people, and it was really cool. On the next trip here will organize it earlier, I’m in touch with the people here, “he said in finishing.

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