Tammi Musumeci Looking Forward To Match With Amanda Alequin: “She’s An Amazing Competitor”

On July 14, Tammi Musumeci will face her friend – Amanda Alequin – in a ONE Championship strawweight submission grappling match…
And she has a ton of respect for Alequin and her game!

Here is what Tammi had to say in a recent interview with ONE:

She [Amanda Alequin] going to come forward, that’s what she does. She goes forward and she attacks.
That’s how she’s always been, and that’s what makes her a really good competitor.

Win or lose, her matches are always exciting because she doesn’t stop.

Musumeci looked back to her previous encounters with Alequin:

She’s very technical. She’s always been very technical. She’s an amazing competitor. She has a good guard and also good passing.
She’s pretty good everywhere, honestly.

I just remember her being super aggressive, super flexible too.
She used to fight the higher weight classes and now she’s skinnier, but she’s still as strong as when she used to fight those higher weight classes, and long too.

So she’s very good at this weight class.

The two are good friends, though:

We don’t have egos. We’re just kind of chill, you know?
I feel like that’s why we became friends and we got along together pretty well.


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