Stay on The Mat Forever: Minimizing Injuries in Jiu-Jitsu Training

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a relatively safe martial art that you can practice. Compared to other combat sports, such as MMA, judo, wrestling, and kickboxing, BJJ has much fewer injuries. Nonetheless, it is still a martial art, and injuries can occur. These injuries are minor, but in some cases, they can be drastic and cause permanent damage. In this article, I will go over three important rules you should use in your regular training to avoid injuries. Stay tuned!


Always Have Mat Awareness


For me, this is an essential rule. You should always know where you are on the mat and who is rolling next to you. Being unaware of your surroundings and having someone fall on you is the most common way to get injured in BJJ. Also, if you see too many people on the mat, avoid wrestling with your partner, as you probably won’t have space. If you collide with your training partners, ensure your gym has some rules to sort this out. For example, if you enter someone’s space, you should immediately move away because you went into their space. On the contrary, if someone enters your space while rolling, ask them to move away politely. This simple rule can save you from many injuries and make your jiu-jitsu journey more enjoyable.




This is a big one. Many people have stress in their lives, and for them, going to jiu-jitsu is a great way to let it out. However, being unaware of yourself and letting emotions control you are a recipe for disaster on the mat. I have seen many people injure their partners because they had a rough day at work and just went rampage during sparring. This should never happen to you. No matter what happens to you during your day, you should always have self-control when going to jiu-jitsu. This means you should apply submission with great care and always be aware that you can injure your training partners. One great rule that you can use is the three-second rule. For this rule, whenever you have a submission, make sure that you can hold the position for three seconds before applying any pressure. This will make you a better grappler overall, and your training partners will have time to tap.


Avoid Dangerous Techniques


Although Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques rarely cause accidental injuries, some techniques are more dangerous than others. For example, flying techniques like jumping closed guard, flying armbar, and flying triangle can be dangerous and cause injuries. It is in your best interest to avoid these moves in live sparring. Furthermore, some submissions, including heel hooks and wrist locks, should not be performed by or on beginners. This is because these submissions can cause significant damage quickly, and most beginners don’t know how to defend them properly. This small group of techniques should be avoided or done carefully to prevent injuries.

These three rules can help you stay safe on the mat and reduce the risk of injuries during your rolls. My name is Milos; I am a brown belt and head coach of Fort Jiu-Jitsu! Thank you for reading!

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