Soluço’s hard on the neck (other people’s necks)

From the myriad emails we receive every day:

“Hey friends, the other day, before going to the academy to train, I decided to flip through the GRACIEMAG cover story “The secret of locks,” with a bona fide dossier on joint locks.

The article gathered Jefferson Moura, Roger Gracie, Fernando Soluço, Ramon Lemos, Alvaro Mansur, Rodrigo Cavaca, etc., etc. – it was very likely it would be very valuable to me. But I didn’t think it would be so useful in the short term.

Training comes and training goes, I was ‘invited’ to train with the toughest nut job in the gym. A white belt who puts brown belts on their toes. Who’s caught black belts before. A monster!

The (¨$#%$# training session starts, and the monster messes with me. First, he catches me in a triangle after a few minutes. Or seconds.

Another roll and the experienced punk tries a straight kneebar. And then all of a sudden the defense Fernando Soluço taught in the magazine pops into my head. That Soluço’s awesome! I did the triangle with my legs, defended the hold and landed on top of the guy, already squeezing on his neck.

After the training session I nearly shouted, ‘Long live GRACIEMAG!’ But as what happens at the gym stays at the gym, I ask not to be identified. Tomorrow there’ll be more training and it’s better to keep my feet, as well as my whole body, down to earth”

What about you, have you gotten yourself out of a jam because of GRACIEMAG’s help?

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