Sambo For BJJ: Surprise Belt Grip Rollover to Belly Down Ankle Lock

Vladislav Koulikov is a world renowned sambist having placed 3x in the USA open and represented USA in Combat Sambo worlds in 2008. In addition to this he has competed and won several NAGA and Grapplers Quest tournaments.

Vlad Koulikov is a Master in Sambo, Judo black belt and BJJ black belt.

Vlad shows us how to synthesize Sambo for grappling and BJJ. It’s simple – but effective.

Here is an interesting surprise Sacrifice throw using the opponent’s belt ( legal in BJJ) to end up in a belt down ankle lock. This is a great transition.

The transition between tachi-waza (standing techniques) and ne-waza (ground techniques) are rarely taught in BJJ. This is a small window of opportunity that is often neglected in BJJ. Capitalising on this moment is a speciality high level Judokas and Sambist.

If you’re ready to add more Sambo to your leg lock entries and your BJJ in general check out Vlad Koulikov’s new Sambo for BJJ instructional from BJJ Fanatics.  What you will find is that Sambo may be the perfect compliment to your BJJ as Vlad will share the takedowns, positions, and submissions that will make your progress skyrocket whether you are a young competitor or the average practitioner who has to go to work in the morning, who is looking for an edge on the mats.


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