Ryron Gracie Talks Belt Promotions: “There Are Two Types Of People”

What are your thoughts about getting promoted to the next belt level?
Are you super excited about it and can’t wait to get to that next color… Or are you focused on training more than anything else?

Ryron Gracie explains that there are two types of people when it comes to belt promotions.
And that it greatly impacts their mindset:

There’s the person that says: “You know what? I’m not ready for the next belt. Don’t give me a purple belt, don’t give me a brown belt… I’m not good enough yet.”

That person will keep training and they’ll get it when they get it.

Now, there’s also people who feel like: “You know what? I’m wearing a purple belt, but I should be a brown belt! I can beat that brown belt and that brown belt, and they’re worried… They’re stressed out, like, why isn’t my instructor giving me my next belt?

And so, for the second type of people, Ryron poses an important question…
What is the problem?

My question to you is this: what is the problem if you continue to wear a purple belt and – and just be a really good purple belt and even beat some brown belts? What’s the problem with that?

The answer is there is no problem!

Enjoy being a purple belt, enjoy being good, and know that eventually it will happen.
The people who should be worried are the people that are brown belts, that you’re beating while wearing a purple belt.


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