Royce attends year-end event at Gracie Miami

This December 7, the annual end-of-the-year ceremony was held at Gracie Miami academy, and students from the Pembrook Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Guatemala, South Carolina and Texas branches of the school were there for the affair, not to mention those from Royce Gracie Ecuador.

UFC Hall of Fame member Royce Gracie was there alongside the Valente family once again.

“Royce proved Jiu-Jitsu’s supremacy to the world and created all of what there is now in modern martial arts. Royce’s presence here brightened up our party and was an honor to us,” said red belt Pedro Valente.

A number of students were promoted at the party, but only ten received their black belts. They were: Asim Zaidi, Enrique Montoya, Eric Stupel, Felipe Lay, Frank Flores, Keith Lambert, Keih Romer, Ken Dellet, Miguel Reyes and Vinicius Pires, all of whom have practiced the gentle art for years and were rewarded out of merit and recognition.

Check out this can’t-miss video of the ceremony, with statements from the Valente family, Royce Gracie and a number of students.

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