Rolling While Angry- Is It Good For Your Jiu Jitsu?

High-level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players are often highly passionate about the sport. Those who have a strong competitive mindset can easily identify with being an emotional BJJ practitioner.

But does letting your emotions get the best of you help or hinder your jiu jitsu game? Many of us, especially those with less experience, are prone to feeling frustration and even anger during classes.

Anger is the antithesis of developing a strong growth mindset; it doesn’t foster a great environment for learning. If you start to get angry, it’s important to take some deep breaths and remember that everyone taps. The goal of drilling and rolling isn’t to make your opponent tap – it’s to practice! Instead of getting angry, ask yourself what you’re doing wrong, or better yet, ask your training partner for feedback after the roll.

Experienced players can provide beneficial tips and tricks quickly after identifying potential flaws in your game – be thankful for the advice! Gratitude is a great way to counter any angry feelings on the mat.

It goes without saying that controlling one’s emotions is much easier said than done; sometimes when things don’t go our way we may want to just quit mid-roll. It’s best just shake it off and move on with life rather than giving up completely – use these negative emotions as motivation for your next class instead!

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