Robert Degle Betraying his Own Kind: How To Pass a Leglocker’s Guard

When searching on Google for ways to counter leg lockers, you will come across various counter-curses that aim to remove the leg-locker curse or leg-locking spell, which are fictional spells from the Harry Potter world.
Interestingly enough, competing against a skilled leg locker in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can feel similar to being helplessly bound by an octopus. It is an unpleasant experience that leaves one feeling powerless.

As leg locking techniques gain popularity, it is crucial for practitioners to not only understand how to execute leg attacks on their opponents, but also how to defend against leg lock attacks.
The term “leg locks” generally encompasses a range of leg attacks, including heel hooks, foot locks, knee bars, and toe holds, among others.
Due to the increasing number of grapplers who are learning leg locks and mastering their application, defending against these types of attacks has become progressively more challenging.

Robert Degle is a feared leg locker and he betrays his own kind in the useful where he shows how to pass a leglocker’s guard. This is very important as the majority of modern leg attacks come from the guard.

If you want to be good at guard passing in NoGi you have to be confident you are going to be able to defend against the easiest attacks someone can quickly launch at you from guard: leg locks.

Body Lock Your Way Through The Guard With This Step-By-Step Approach To The Pass With B-Team Co-Founder & ADCC Finalist Nick Rodriguez’s Signature “Rody Lock” System For Grapplers Of All Levels.

  • Learn the foundations of body lock passing with Nick’s explanation of the grips, pressure, and controls you need to start the attack.
  • Go step by step through the pass with Nick’s advice on forcing half guard or beating the legs to get to dominant passing positions.

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