Rener Gracie Uses His Own Gi to Submit MMA Fighter Mayhem Miller

As a jiu-jitsu practitioner, you should realize that your gi is more than just a uniform – it is an armor but it really is a weapon. Your lapels, sleeves, and many other parts of the gi can be manipulated to gain leverage and submit your opponent in surprising ways.

You have spent hours perfecting armbars, triangles, and rear naked chokes, but have you explored using your own gi against your opponent? Their focus will be on defending against your limbs, not realizing the gi itself can be their downfall.

You can see this at the highest level when Rener Gracie faced fellow BJJ black belt and MMA fighter Jason Mayhem Miller. He trapped him in his closed guard and tapped him with a nasty lapel choke.

This happened 20 years ago at the old Gracie Academy in a challenge match.

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