Profile of the Week: Kristian Woodmansee

I think it is really important to get to know some of the amazing Jiujitsu athletes out there and to pick their brains. This week I would like to point out an athlete that has an unlimited amount of potential and whose name you have probably seen at one point or another; Kristian Woodmansee. I have been lucky enough to get to speak with Kristian and can say not only is he filled with potential as far as Jiujitsu, but he also is one of the nicest and most humble athletes I have yet to meet.

Photo provided by: Kristian Woodmansee

Kristian is currently a brown belt under Andre Galvao at Atos Brazilian Jiujitsu located in San Diego, California. Not only is he a student, but also an instructor and competitor. At the high level of brown belt, he has become Nogi World Champion, 2x Pan American Champion, and 2x European Champion. I have seen Kristian train, and between his work ethic, skill, and intensity, this athlete is going to go far. He was nice enough to lend me some of his time to answer a few questions I had for him.

When did you start Jiujitsu and why?
“I started Jiujitsu 7 years ago because I wanted to try something new and I haven’t stopped since.”

How has it impacted your life?
“It has changed my life, that’s for sure. I’ve learned the most valuable lessons on the mat that I applied to life, and still am.”

Who has been your biggest role model/mentor on your journey?
“All of my teammates impact me greatly. Without Atos, I would be lost. Andre is an amazing leader. We have grown very close, and my life is better because of that. He goes above and beyond for me, and for all of us. Way more than he has to. I’m honored to be a part of his team and a part of his staff at HQ.”

What do you ultimately hope to accomplish within this sport/lifestyle?

“The purpose of my journey is to create a comfortable life for my future family. I will do my best to compete and get my name out there so when it’s time to open an academy it will reach its full potential. Everything else is just part of the journey.”

What is your typical training regimen on a day to day basis?
“Monday through Friday, I lift at 8am, followed by 9am advanced class with Liera, 11am Pro training, and the 6pm advanced class. I also typically teach one advanced class per day as well.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone training within this sport?
“Be open minded. I believe that one’s progress is a direct result of how open or close minded they are.”

Photo provided by: Kristian Woodmansee

Check Kristian out on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to follow his journey!

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