Post-surgery, Lyoto challenges Sonnen “with just one arm”

Lyoto still in hospital / Photo: personal archive/Twitter

A UFC star with a caustic tongue, Chael Sonnen rankled away on American TV at year end, and one of his targets was Lyoto Machida. Chael says the karate stylist deserved a bottle of mouth wash for Christmas due to his habit of drinking his own urine first thing in the morning, being the urinetherapy practitioner he is.

Having undergone surgery on his left elbow this Monday, the Brazilian made a point of getting on Twitter to let his fans know that all went well and he’s all set to begin physiotherapy. As he tweeted, though, he couldn’t fight back the urge to send a message out to Sonnen.

“Chael Sonnen, I just had surgery but I can still give you your present in the octagon with just one arm. All you have to do is accept,” posted the onetime light heavyweight champion.

The fight would be a gift for the public. Chael Sonnen has a middleweight match-up scheduled against Mark Muñoz on the coming 28th of January at UFC on Fox 2. If he beats the Filipino-American, he’ll get his coveted rematch with Anderson Silva in June at São Paulo’s Morumbi stadium. Sonnen has fought at light heavyweight on a number of occasions, though, which would make a showdown with Lyoto possible sometime later in 2012.

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