Police Officer Shows Off Flawless Jiu-Jitsu Skills While Neutralizing An Assailant

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu just might be the perfect martial art for law enforcement officers – simply because of the degree of control the officers can apply with it, without hurting the other side.

This, yet again, became obvious in a recently viral video that’s been circulating on social media.

The video shows a police officer who obviously trains Jiu-Jitsu, confronting a man who ignores his commands to calm down.
The assailant then puts hands on the officer, the two start pushing each other…

And then the officer gets an underhook and takes the suspect down!
He applies a Kimura hold from North-South, after which he effortlessly transitions to the back and handcuffs the man.

Even Renzo Gracie has praised the police officer’s training:

We have spoken several times on the podcast about the effectiveness of Jiu jitsu for Police Officers.
Here we have a trooper who trains Jiu jitsu.

There isn’t too much to see here. The officer is able to safely gain a clinch without being struck, get an under-hook, perform a takedown and then transition into a kimura while maintaining dominant body position into handcuffing.

No need for less lethal tools or tasers. The fight never escalated out of control. Well done!


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