Pedro Sauer Shows a Highly Effective Kesagatame Escape

If you’ve been training for some time, you’ll probably agree that making your training partners tap with as little force as possible feels amazing. That it just feels great to do a couple of swift moves… And tap them out in a quick fashion.
If you were ever caught in a really tight and heavy Kesa Gatame… Then you know how astonishingly difficult it can be to withstand it – and, quite often, it’s necessary to tap out because that pressure.
However, there is a way to prevent the Kesa Gatame pressure tap. And it’s really simple.

Coral belt Pedro Sauer shows us a really simple escape from Kesa Gatame that works ar every level.

Learn from one of America’s most respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors, with 8th-Degree Black Belt Pedro Sauer’s instruction on the principles of escaping bad positions.

  • Get out of every variation on the side control position with Professor Sauer’s fundamentals and techniques for reliable escapes.
  • Use proper framing and body mechanics to create space and escape, even against opponents in a scarf hold or reverse scarf hold.

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