Pan: Davi copies partner Galvão and wins absolute; overcomes Kayron

The No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu season is underway. This year there was the ADCC, and André Galvão headed the pack with his wins at weight and open weight at the contest in England. At the other end of the Atlantic, in New York, Galvão’s training partner Davi Ramos got his own pair of gold medals, at the No-Gi Pan this Saturday.

In the contest areas at Nat Holman Gymnasium Davi won the middleweight and absolute divisions. In the open weight final he came up against none other than Kayron Gracie, who had already secured gold for himself in the medium heavyweight division.

Caio Terra in action at Pan / Photo: IBJJF


There were other submission wizards who put in stellar performances in NY, though: The light featherweight division was all Caio Terra’s, who also won the Gi Pan earlier this year and more recently came up spades at the American Nationals; gold-medal honors at featherweight went to André Monteiro, representing our GMA Rodrigo Medeiros; and taking first at lightweight was another GMA of ours, Lucas Lepri of Alliance; and rounding out the black belt podium, Alexandre Moreiro won at heavyweight, Francisco Tavares at superheavyweight, and Petrus Melo at ultraheavyweight.


In the overall team standing, our GMAs locked down the top three spots on the podium: Avengers in first, Renzo in second, and Gracie Barra in third.

Check back with soon for a photo gallery from the competition.

And for click here for the complete results.

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