Otávio Sousa on the flying triangle that gave him his third Pan title

Otávio celebrates his lighting-fast finish. IBJJF.

The owner of the fastest finish among the black belt finals of the 2017 Pan, at just 45 seconds, Otávio Sousa has plenty to celebrate.

Souza, the middleweight champion, managed to pull a beautiful flying triangle to dispatch Isaque Bahiense, who had so much momentum in the competition he was even deemed the favorite against the two-time champion.

The day after the end of the Pan, Souza talked to Graciemag about the move.

“In my final fight, against Isaque, I used a move starting from the single-leg,” he said. “My adversary pulled my guard and got up, clinging to my leg. I tried to unbalance him; however, Isaque is very tough in this position, and, to avoid yielding the two points, I took the chance to spring the move on him. Thank God I managed to win the championship and my third title in the black belt.”

What do you think the best submission of the 2017 Pan was? In case you missed some of it, you can check out the results here.

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