Open BJJ 7 set to shake up Hungary

For the seventh time in as many years the best ground fighters of Central Europe will meet to compete at Hungary’s Open BJJ Hungary tournament, where last year athletes from eight Central and Eastern European were represented in gi-clad combat.

Initially a beginners tournament for want of enough blue belts to form weight groups, the situation today is completely different. Whereas before hardly anyone knew Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Hungary and its neighboring countries, ever more athletes are taking to gentle art competition in the region.

On this seventh year of Open BJJ Hungary’s existence, over 250 athletes will join the competitive mix. Among them, blue belts, purple belts and brown belts from Hungary and its surroundings.

Don’t miss the chance to get on the Central European tourney with a tradition, sign up today:

Registration fee: 6,000ft (20 Euros)
Registration end date: November 8
To register: email
Rules: IBJJF rules

VII Open BJJ Hungary 2011 categories:
White belt: -64kg,-70kg,-76kg,-82kg,-8
8kg,-94kg,-100kg,+100kg and Open Class
Blue belt: 64kg,-70kg,-76kg,-82kg,-88kg,-94kg,-100kg,+100kg and Open Class
Purple belt: -76kg,-88kg,+88kg and Open Class
Brown belt : Open Class
Women: (no belt divisions) -62kg and + 62kg

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