On his way to No-Gi Worlds, Milton Vieira takes MMA break

Milton trains with UFC fighter Toquinho. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

A fighter dedicated to MMA, Milton Vieira is taking a brief break from the style. The reason being: Milton’s bags are packed for California, where he will compete at the No-Gi Worlds on November 7.

“I’m going in at a lightweight. When I found out about this opportunity, I started putting emphasis on grappling. I’m waiting on an MMA offer, but I’m always ready to do ground fighting, my roots in the fighting arts,” says the Brazilian Top Team representative.

Photo: Carlos Ozório.

“I travel next Monday. My sponsor Oi FM loved the idea and, besides competing, I’ll take the opportunity to do some seminars in Texas, at the academy of Professor Salazar, and also at the BTT academy in Long Beach. I’m stoked about this trip,” says the black belt, who doesn’t feel he’ll be out of competition Jiu-Jitsu rhythm.

“I’m used to it. As I said, I come from a grappling background and have participated in a number of ADCC qualifiers and in the ADCC itself. My positioning is sharp, but I’d rather comment on that later. Let’s see how I do!” he says in closing.

Secure your spot at the No-Gi Worlds. Sign-ups end next Saturday. Register here.

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