No-Gi Worlds update: The usual suspects win

Lucas Lepri submitting Lucas Leite in 2008. This year, Alliance ace choked Augusto Tanquinho. Photo: Luca Atalla.

The adult blackbelt weight divisions are over and the winners are – guess what? – the same ones as usual.

Pablo Popovitch (The Avengers) keeps his three-year winning streak intact by beating Daniel Moraes (Relson Gracie) in the medium heavy final by 6 points.

American Rafael Lovato (Ribeiro JJ) beat Gracie Barra comrades Flavio Cachorrinho and Roberto Tussa to take the heavy, whilst Joao Assis closed out the super heavy bracket with Marcus Bochecha for Check Mat.

Roberto Cyborg (The Avengers) proved he’s in fine form, winning the ultra heavy and Gilbert Durinho (Atos) guillotined Tiago Gomes (Barbosa) to conquer the middleweight division.

For the second year in a row, Lucas Lepri (Alliance) took the lightweight division by storm, this time submitting Augusto “Tanquinho” (Soul Fighters) with a rear-naked choke.

Lovato’s student Justin Rader (Ribeiro JJ) was the surprise winner of the featherweight division, while Caio Terra (Gracie Fighter) again dazzled at light feather, and Brandon Mullins (Gracie Barra) took gold at rooster.

We are still waiting on the absolute blackbelt divisional results; partial official results here.

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