Nicky Rod’s Blood Work Results Are In… And They’re Worrying

A few weeks ago, Gordon Ryan called out Nicky Rod for steroids use – and Nicky suggested that he do a blood test to determine if he’s natural or not.

The suggestion was accepted and Rodriguez did blood work… And now, the results are in.
And they’re worrying. But not because of steroid use.

For, as Derek from the More Plates More Dates YouTube channel emphasized, he’s certain that Nicky Rod has been “natty” at least for a few months – if not for years.
Here’s the summary of what he had to say, based on the blood work results:

I do think that he’s natural now. I also think that he’s been natural within the reasonable time frame previously.

And it looks like that, by the dates when he competed against Gordon in December, which was two months before this test… So, what is the probability that he wasn’t on gear when he competed against Gordon but then, when he was on ADCC [that he was on gear back then]?

I would say – low.

Sure, 8 weeks does grant enough time to get the “stuff” out of one’s system, but Derek doubts this was the case:

With that said, does 8 weeks give you enough time to clear stuff out of your system, to have a clear blood test? Absolutely. But…

Why would you be cleaning – would you have assumed that somebody was gonna randomly be like: “Hey, let’s go to the lab tomorrow and get your blood drawn.”
I imagine that was not going through his head.

So, I can only assume – logical conclusion – that he, probably, was natural during the competition with Gordon in December.
And it was to be determined if he was during the ADCC or prior to that.

On the flipside, however, other health markers drawn from blood work are quite worrying – in regards to Nicky Rod’s present and future health.
Namely, it seems that he has high cholesterol and pre-diabetic blood glucose levels.

Watch the video below for a thorough explanation:

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