Nick Diaz surfaces and attacks UFC decision

Nick (right) with brother Nate

He missed three flights and cost the UFC 15,000 dollars in replacement tickets.

With one of the stars of the UFC 137 main event gone awol, UFC president Dana White decided to switch opponents for Georges St.-Pierre’s welterweight title defense.

Diaz is out and at large, and Carlos Condit is in.

The decision to scratch him from the card seemed so inevitable that even Diaz’s coach, Cesar Gracie, backed it.

Hours before the announcement, Diaz resurfaced – at least virtually –, posting a video on Youtube entitled “Looks like someone don’t want me to win.”

Anyone who thought he was going to ask forgiveness and get the UFC to change its stance was sorely mistaken.

The “bad boy” attacked Dana White’s decision and guaranteed he’s ready to fight.

“I won’t make it to the beauty pageant… I’ve never backed out from a fight,” he says to his friend’s camera, while driving from San Francisco to Stockton, California.

Check out what Strikeforce welterweight champ and former UFC title challenger Diaz has to say, while we await a response from the UFC:

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