Cesar Gracie: “I think Nick has social anxiety issue”

It was devastating news the Gracie Fighter team got today when they heard Dana White was pulling the plug on Nick Diaz’s fight with Georges St. Pierre at UFC 137. Nick missed one too many press conferences, and Dana said that enough was enough and replaced him with Carlos Condit.

Nick Diaz was always known for going against the grain. Photo:

Cesar Gracie, Nick’s Jiu-Jitsu coach and long time friend was very disappointed at the news and expressed his sadness over it. “I just got off the phone with Nick and he is really upset that he’s not fighting,” Cesar says, “I really think he has a social anxiety issue about these press conferences. He’s ready to fight…he wants to fight, he just can’t handle speaking to the press at these events.” Cesar also made mention of the fact he thinks it’s because of this potential social anxiety disorder that Nick has an issue with marijuana.

“He really needs to get this worked out,” Cesar says, “I agree with the decision Dana made about pulling him.” Cesar agrees that Nick needs to make the press conferences and show up to events when he’s supposed to, but supports his fighter when he’s in the cage 100%. “He’s always ready to fight,” he says, “It’s been a devastating day here.”

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