Nicholas Meregali Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want To Compete In IBJJF Events

Nicholas Meregali recently announced that he’s withdrawing from competing in the IBJJF events.
But why did he decide to do that?

He revealed more about his decision in a recent MMA Hoje podcast episode:

My decision is permanent. The only way I would come back to fight for IBJJF is that I could see a commitment, a movement to professionalize the sport.

I’m talking about the rules, the pay, streaming, media exposure, being professional in all aspects that I believe that is their job to handle.

Meregali was willing to find a solution, but he says that the IBJJF was not:

They’re a giant company. I was talking to them when I was trying to come back, and fought the Pan American, and wanted to fight at the “Brasileiro”, but I couldn’t do it…

This is not a corner store, it’s not a local championship, it’s a solid business.
But for me to be a part of this – and I understand that I’m just an athlete and you’re the place where everyone wants to compete… But I need some structure.

“I want this and that to be a part of this… Can we make it happen?” They said: “No.”

He isn’t too worried about it, though:

It’s all good. I’ll make my own path outside then.

I have some fights with the gi that I’m trying to finalize, and now it’s just a matter of time for these to be set in any professional grappling organization.
I have open doors to choose where I want to fight next.

So, it’s a good position to be in, to be able to choose where I’m doing this next.


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