Nicholas Meregali Challenges Next IBJJF Open Class Champion To A $20,000 Match

Nicholas Meregali has just put on yet another spectacular show, this time in the WNO main event gi match – with a dominant victory over Pedro Marinho!

He submitted Marinho with a Triangle Choke… The only submission he allowed himself to finish with, which he indicated with a triangle drawing on his back:

That’s my prediction on my back. So I know the envelope was something cool but I have to upgrade Gordon’s.

He started to give predictions, this is why I’ve attached on my back a Triangle.
Right now he has to step up as well you know, just keep doing the work!

Meregali also took the opportunity to challenge the next IBJJF open class champion to a $20,000 match:

We have a random tournament happening in two weeks. I’m betting right now $20,000 to fight against the next open class champion, here on the Who’s Number One stage.

So when you win your tournaments against your random fighters, come over here and then we can figure (out) who is the king of the gi.

And, even though $20,000 is a lot of money, Meregali thinks that an opponent who truly wants to compete will find a way to do so:

They’re gonna try and find some businessman to bet for them because definitely they don’t wanna lose $20,000, but it is what it is.

I think FloGrappling can help them to put some money on the table.


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