New DVD – “Step-by-Step Submissions”

I just want to tell people that I’m adding another DVD to my Roadmap for BJJ Package. It’s tentatively titled “Step-by-Step Submissions”.

This new video will be in a different format from my other DVDs. Basically it’s a reference tool so you can quickly look up the steps and the key points for the most important no-gi submissions. Think of it as the Cole’s Notes for chokes and joint locks.

Featured on “Step-by-Step Submissions” are 31 setups for 10 different submissions. Each setup is first broken down into the correct sequence and then shown at ‘action speed.’ I also go into the key details that ‘make or break’ each choke or lock.

So here’s the deal:

This DVD is in the final stages of editing. If everything goes according to plan I should be able to start shipping it out in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Everyone who has already bought the Package gets this new DVD shipped to them for free as soon as it’s ready. No shipping, no postage, no nothing.

Everyone who buys the Package between now and when the new DVD is released will get everything else shipped to them right away (i.e. no waiting), and then I’ll also send you “Step-by-Step Submissions DVD” as soon as it’s done. Again, the shipping is on me.

Check out the Roadmap for BJJ Package here!

BTW – I think that the addition of yet another DVD takes an already great product and makes it a fantastic product, but of course I’m a little biased

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