New black belt at BTT Boston

GMA member school Brazilian Top Team Boston had its belt ceremony last week.

Professors João Amaral and Daniel Gazoni conducted the belt test from white belts all the way to black.

Black Belts Renan Borges, Thayse and Bruno Amaral were present to help.

First day was only for white belts and several people proved that they were ready for their blue belt.

Gazoni, Woo, Amaral

A very emotional and touching moment took place on the second night when the black belt was awarded to Roger Woo.

Roger has been practicing martial arts his whole life and for 16 years practicing Jiu-Jitsu.

All the students were also reminded of the meaning (for them and for the ones that are looking up to them) of the belts they wear around their waist.

A couple of tough blue bets, Mateus and Sean were promoted  to purple and Atila Javor got his deserved brown belt.

Last but no least black belts Renan Borges (world class competitor) and Thayse (one of the first female black belts in New England) received their first degree. Congrats to all!

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