Nate Diaz Insists he Acted in Self-Defense In First Statement About Arrest Warrant Issued in New Orleans

After a Misfits Boxing event, where Diaz was shown on video being confronted by Rodney Petersen, who allegedly looks like Logan Paul, Diaz had reportedly grabbed Petersen in a guillotine choke before dropping him and making him unconscious. New Orleans Police then issued an arrest warrant for Diaz on second-degree battery charges. In response, Nate’s attorney Walter Becker declared that he would present all the facts proving that Nate acted in self-defense in regards to the incident.

Diaz’s representative Zach Rosenfield said in a statement sent to MMA Fighting:

“Nate’s attorney Walter Becker can confirm that Nate has received word of the arrest warrant and Becker has been in contact with court authorities in New Orleans.”

“Nate’s attorney looks forward to presenting all of the facts about this incident to the District Attorney which clearly demonstrate that a trained fighter named Rodney Petersen aggressively pursued Nate with the intention of engaging him and once doing so, Nate acted entirely in self-defense. No further comment will be made at this time.”

Videos also showed a separate altercation involving reality TV star Chase DeMoor and Diaz at the Misfits Boxing 6 card, which had Nate’s friend Chris Avila fighting. Upon arrival, police broke up the fight and Petersen was treated for his injuries before they issued an arrest warrant for Diaz. Petersen posted a video later showing a head injury he possibly suffered due to dropping to the ground during the altercation, vowing revenge on Diaz.

Second-degree battery charges are deemed as felonies under Louisiana law; they would come with a potential penalty of up to eight years in prison with or without hard labor and/or up to $2,000 fine. At this time there is no word yet when Diaz will turn himself in based on the arrest warrant. Lastly, Nate is currently slated to face Jake Paul in a boxing match in Dallas on August 5th.

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