More Half Guard Resources

If you’re really serious about improving a particular position in your grappling arsenal then you’ll seek out any and all resources that deal with the topic.

The half guard is a position with a LOT of depth and MANY offensive options. Here are some of my favorite articles, videos and resources on that will help you develop a mobile, attacking half guard:

  1. The Evolution of the Half Guard
  2. An Attack Series from the Half Guard
  3. Counter to the Crossface in Half Guard
  4. 17 Tips for an Active Bottom Half Guard
  5. Leg Position Drill Video
  6. Finishing the Kimura from Half Guard Video
  7. Finishing the Half Guard Backclimb Video
  8. The Two-Pronged Half Guard
  9. Half Guard Sweep From Standing
  10. Information about the Dynamic Half Guard DVD

There’s quite a lot of information for you in these links.  In the words of Bruce Lee, “absorb what is useful and discard the rest.”

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