MMA armbar in Austria as warm-up for European JJ Championship

A black belt teaching the gentle art in Spain, Yan Cabral remains unbeaten in MMA. ON January 24, along with his friend Igor Araujo, he got yet another submission in a European ring. At Vienna Fight Night “Fabulous Las Vegas”, in Austria, Yan got his eighth MMA submission and remains unbeaten in eight fights, overcoming Arbi Agujev.

“We won! Igor had a perfect fight, got the takedown and got his opponent in an arm-and-neck choke in round one. I got the submission in round two with an armbar, after having a hard time. But it all worked out,” he told

Now Yan’s attention is turned to the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship, to take place January 28 through the 31st in Lisbon, Portugal. At last year’s event Yan lost to Kron Gracie in the final of the middleweight dispute. Signed up again, the fighter is mysterious about whether he will in fact show up to compete.

“Man, I’m signed up for the European. I was training for that, but then this MMA fight popped up at the last minute I took some hard hits to the head and now I’m figuring out whether I’ll be there on Sunday. I hope to be better and able to fight,” he concluded.

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