Megaton confirmed at European

Megaton in action at Rio Open in July. Photo: Gabriel Menezes

Megaton in action at Rio Open in July. Photo: Gabriel Menezes

Wellington “Megaton” Dias is hard at work in his preparations for the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Portugal from the 28th to the 31st of January. Click here to sign up.

While also-featherweight Rafael Mendes plans to use his wind as a weapon, Megaton has a trump no one can take away from him, experience.

“How long have I been training? I have nothing better to do,” he says cheerily. “I like competing a lot. These days I have nothing more to prove to anyone, but I love feeling that adrenaline. I like going to tournaments to see the gang from the organization – Siriema, André, Master Carlinhos Gracie, Alvaro Mansur. The athletes as well,” says the excited Gracie Humaitá black belt.

“Shoot, I’ve seen lots of generations go by. I’ve seen a lot of champions in the absolute. I’ve seen them all, right? Pé de Pano, Margarida, Saulo Ribeiro, Comprido. Name someone, I’ve seen him. Who else? Roleta, Gordo. Since I’m here in the United States, in Phoenix, championships are the perfect occasion to see old friends, catching up. I also like to help the refs out; sooner or later I’ll have to stop competing and I’d like to be as involved as possible,” remarked Megaton.

Proud father he is, Megaton said he has been training hard with daughter Mackenzie Dern, who will make her European Championship debut. And, prideful for her accomplishments in 2009, he hints at their hopes for 2010, “She’s going full steam into this European 2010. This year she won the Worlds at blue, in the adult division, and took the No-Gi Worlds too. All at adult, and she’s only 16. She’s the American National champion as well. The only titles she’s missing are the Pan and the European,” said Megaton.

“My daughter and I have already begun physical conditioning work in Arizona. Now, for help on the technical side of things, besides my students, I always drop in on Royler, Regis Lebre and Xande.”

“There are no good times, just hard ones. It’s working out, hard work the whole time. That’s the only way. And over there there’ll be some tough guys waiting, right? Mário Reis and Mendes are going to the European. I heard Cobrinha won’t be going. So, there’s always a tough bunch in the featherweight category,” said Megaton in finishing.

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