Mark Zuckerberg Was Put To Sleep With A Choke At A Recent BJJ Competition

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta founder and CEO, recently competed at his first BJJ tournament.
He put on quite a performance – winning the gold in the no-gi and silver in the gi master divisions!

On his journey to the gold and silver medals, the famous entrepreneur met two times with Lucas Costa; an Atos brown belt, who refereed two of Zuckerberg’s matches.

In an interview with Tatame, the brown belt praised the tycoon’s mindset:

He’s got the hang of it, and a lot of it. I believe he will go to black belt.
He was humble, firm, excited and with a lot of will to win.

But what might come as a surprise is that, in the second match that Costa refereed, Zuckerberg was put to sleep with an Ezekiel Choke.

Costa explains:

I refereed two of his fights.
The first one he won by 11 to 0, a very good score, he applied certain positions with great precision in what he was doing, finishing with a very well placed Kimura.

In the second fight, he was submitted with an Ezekiel (Choke) inside the guard, a position that many people doubt the effectiveness of.
He even lost consciousness because he didn’t want to hit… Indeed, the American has already shown that he has a heart.

I was very attentive to his movement, his eyes were closing, losing strength and when I heard him snoring for the third time, I interpreted it as a verbal tap.

At the time he even asked me what happened, still kind of clueless.

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