Mark Zuckerberg Denies Being Put To Sleep At BJJ Tournament

Mark Zuckerberg has competed in his very first BJJ tournament back in May, winning the gold in the no-gi and silver in the gi master division.

In his second gi match, it appeared that the Meta founder and CEO was put to sleep with an Ezekiel Choke.
Lucas Costa is an Atos brown belt who refereed two of Zuckerberg’s matches. He shared what happened:

In the second fight, he was submitted with an Ezekiel (Choke) inside the guard, a position that many people doubt the effectiveness of.
He even lost consciousness because he didn’t want to hit… Indeed, the American has already shown that he has a heart.

I was very attentive to his movement, his eyes were closing, losing strength and when I heard him snoring for the third time, I interpreted it as a verbal tap.

At the time he even asked me what happened, still kind of clueless.

Zuckerberg however, alongside with his coach, insisted that he hasn’t lost consciousness, but that the referee made a mistake.
Joe Bernstein, reporter for the New York Times, shared what the duo told him:

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