Marcelo Garcia Shares Cancer Update: “It Hadn’t Spread”

Marcelo Garcia, an ADCC and IBJJF Hall Of Famer, was diagnosed with stomach cancer earlier this year.

After going through several rounds of chemotherapy, he underwent surgery some time ago…
And now the test results are back – and they’re the best ones the BJJ community could’ve hoped for!

Marcelo shared the cancer update via social media:

Just a quick update.
I can’t film anything right now because I have this nagging cough every time I speak, is one of the side effects of my surgery but it will go away eventually.

Saw the doctor today and had the best possible news, it was all dead when they removed , also it hadn’t spread to any of the lymph nodes and the chances of recurring are very slim.

I still have 4 more chemos to go but I see the pathetic recovery now very clear, it will be a little longer till I can be on the mats but I’ll be back.
Thank you everyone for all the support!

Marcelo caught his cancer early. And advises everyone to listen to their bodies:

Get your check ups, listen to your body, all I had was hiccups after eating and I’m glad I went to see a doctor.

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