Marcelo Garcia Shares Cancer Update: “I Got The Best Results Possible”

Earlier this year, the BJJ community was shocked to learn that Marcelo Garcia – an ADCC and IBJJF Hall Of Famer – was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Marcelo shared the news on social media:

I’m about to fight the biggest fight of my life, I have stomach cancer and will start chemo for 3 months and back at MSK for surgery remove the tumor.

Please keep me and my family on your prayers. Get your check ups, listen to your body, all I had was hiccups after eating and I’m glad I went to see a doctor.
Just wanted to say thank you for everyone who’s supporting me now, you all know who you are and I will never forget it.

And just yesterday, Marcelo shared an update on his health; that he is scheduled for surgery and that he received the best results possible!

Last week I went to do all of my exams, before my surgery. And I got the best results possible.

I’m feeling really good. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, really early in the morning. I can’t wait, I’m really looking forward to getting this stuff out of my body.
And even after, after I get a couple sessions of chemo, it (the operation) is going to make it even easier. Because, the tumor is pretty much dried. They just want to make sure that there’s nothing left over there.

Marcelo is feeling good and just looks at it as another tournament final:

So, I’m feeling really good for tomorrow. I really appreciate you guys for sending all the messaging. All the positive energy.

I’m going to surgery tomorrow, I’m feeling really good, and I feel like it’s just another final.
So I’m really looking forward to that. So, thank you guys very much.

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