Maggie Grindatti Leaves Fightsports & Joins Rivals Atos

At the beginning of the year, top Fight Sports competitors André Porfírio , Maggie Grindatti and Luccas Lira announced the end of their cooperation with their club.
Maggie Grindatti talked about leaving the Miami academy and discussed her plans for the future in an interview with Flograppling;

Maggie Grindatti, the former partner of Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu trained under the Fight Sports banner for six years, but their relationship ended in 2022, when they decided to remain friends and professional partners:

“After more than a year of separation and continuing our professional relationship, I decided to pursue a relationship with someone who would unfortunately cause discomfort in our work environment and I was told to leave the club. I know that my goal was fulfilled there and I am leaving with friends for life, amazing memories and a clear conscience.

There are definitely places I would like to represent, based on their leadership, values ​​and athletic performance. But combat sports have been a huge part of my life and meant a lot to me. I want to make sure that the next team I decide to represent will also feel at home.

I want to thank the entire Jiu-Jitsu community, since I announced my decision, everyone has supported and encouraged me. Anyone who knows or follows me knows how much Fight Sports means to me. These people and this gym have been my goal for the past 6 years.”


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Grindatti decided to stay in Miami and has joined Atos Miami which is led by Leo D’Avila. She anounced the news on her IG:


The choice came from not only the athlete and team results but the leadership. It is an honor to represent two lengends of our sport that I have always looked up to and have received guidance from for years now. They have always treated me with love. Thank you @galvaobjj and @angelicagalvao it will be an honor to represent your flag and your names. Grateful for this opportunity

I will be staying in Miami and training under @leodavilabjj at @atosmiami who has welcomed me with open arms and is already showing dedication to me as an athlete. Excited to work together


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A post shared by Maggie Grindatti (@maggiegrindatti)

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