Leandro Lo Case: Police Officer Charged For Murder Entitled To Receiving Retroactive Salary

According to Tatame, the military police officer Henrique Velozo – who has been arrested on the charge of murdering BJJ legend Leandro Lo in August last year – will be entitled to receiving retroactive salary.

Specifically, the State will retroactively pay Velozo for around 8 months worth of salary.
The payment was originally suspended last August, when the officer was arrested – but it has resumed in April this year, after a court decision.

Signed by Judge Márcio Ferraz Nunes, the sentence confirms the injunction obtained by Henrique Velozo’s defense, determining full payment of salary until the action becomes final.
According to the government’s “Transparency Portal”, Velozo will receive a salary of R$ 10,800.

In addition to guaranteeing the payment of salaries to Velozo, the Judge also determined:

That the period of precautionary segregation for social security purposes (retirement and inactivity) be considered.

Leandro Lo was tragically murdered on August 7, 2022, during a show at a club in Sao Paulo; following a scuffle with Henrique Velozo – who then took a handgun and shot Lo in the head.

Velozo’s trial, who has been accused of murder and detained at the Romão Gomes Military Prison (Sao Paulo), hasn’t started yet.
According to Cláudio Dalledone, the police officer’s defense lawyer, Velozo said that he acted in “self-defense”.

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