Laércio learns from different sources to surprise in Lisbon

Laércio celebrates with Giva at American Nationals. Photo: Deb Blyth.

A light featherweight with a pesky guard, Laércio Fernandes has been standing out in international competition. In 2010, the Lotus black belt and Givanildo Santana student conquered his second American national title, with a win over Caio Terra, as well as having won the Honolulu Open. Now the fighter warms up his engines for another gold-medal run, at the European Open.

I’m getting ready for this November’s European Open. Giva and I are training together every day and we managed to correct some mistakes I made last year. Now, in January, I’ll stay put in Brazil, since Giva is focused on his MMA training. So during this period I’ll train at Lotus Osasco and Cia Paulista, Guigo, and Barbosa academies. I have a lot of friends in these places and can only thank them for having helped me so much,” he says.

“This year I intend to compete at all the IBJJF competitions. Besides the European Open, I want to be at most of the Open events, the Brazilian Nationals, the Pan, and the Worlds,” adds the black belt.

Of these targets, the Worlds is his dream. Laércio knows it won’t be easy winning the light featherweight division, but his triumph over one of the big names of the lighter weight categories in 2010 makes him more confident.

“There are a lot of tough athletes out there, and I can name ten who can become world champions,” he says.

“After beating Caio, a lot more people came to know who I am and appreciate what I do, since he’s an excellent athlete and was a world champion. However, the win is now in the past and I’m focused only on my training,” he says in closing.

Do as Laércio does, participate at IBJJF events.

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